A virtual currency that can be used to purchase digital goods in Kakao Games' services.

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What can I buy with KCoin?

Elyon - Ruby Box

Ruby Box: 1,000

Purchase with 1,000 KCoin

Ruby Box: 2,000 + 50

Purchase with 2,000 KCoin

Ruby Box: 3,000 + 100

Purchase with 3,000 KCoin

Ruby Box: 5,000 + 250

Purchase with 5,000 KCoin

Ruby Box: 8,000 + 500

Purchase with 8,000 KCoin

Ruby Box: 10,000 + 800

Purchase with 10,000 KCoin

Ruby Box: 20,000 + 2,000

Purchase with 20,000 KCoin


Refund Policy and Right to Withdraw

You have the right to withdraw from a subscription agreement for fourteen (14) days after entering it. You explicitly acknowledge and agree that you waive this right if you start using the game before the 14-day withdrawal period ends (e.g., by logging in to the game and/or playing the game). Refund Policy

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