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Starter Package

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Starter Package

Image Item: Lawkeeper Costume

On the outskirts of the Auroran territories, where the Crimson Watch is rarely seen, settlers are forced to look after themselves. To keep some semblance of order, the frontier settlements often rely on Lawkeepers to dispense justice and hunt down criminals.


Glider Customization Crate

Choose 1 of the items below.



- Glider Customization: Dawnbreak Dove

- Glider Customization: Golden Astra Wings


Bound Wrapped 7-Day Salon Certificate

A certificate that allows you to change your hair and facial appearance.


Race Change Elixir: 90 Days

Allows you to change your racial appearance for 90 days.
You may choose the appearance of another race, once you complete the quest "Suspicious Elixir" or "A Secret in Sun's End".




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