A service that allows you to transfer your character's server.

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Character Server Transfer

Transfer Availability

Free server transfer for Kyprosa and Erenor servers of ArcheAge has started.


Free server transfer will be available during the following period: May 25, 2023 (after maintenance)–TBD

You can transfer to the following servers:


Region Server Inbound Outbound
North America Ospheros
North America Erenor
North America Gene


Purchase Disclaimer

• Completing the purchase of this product will transfer your server, achieving the purchase intention. Therefore, once the server transfer has been completed, the refund of the product (purchase cancellation) will be restricted.
• You may check the result of your server transfer from [MY ACCOUNT > ORDERS] after 5 minutes or less.
• Your payment will be automatically cancelled if your purchase or transfer is unsuccessful.
• Some servers may close early if the transfer of a determined number of characters is completed.
• You cannot choose a server for which transfer application has been closed. The number of characters allowed for transfer for each server is updated every Sunday between 00:00–00:10 UTC and no transfer application can be made during the update.
• In order to maintain faction balance, you are not allowed to transfer to the dominant faction. The number of characters allowed for transfer for Haranya/Nuia continent changes every week. (Does not apply to free server transfers)
• If there is a character with the same name as your character's in the server you're transferring to, you must change your character's name before transfer.
• If another player takes your character's name while you were searching for that name and completing purchase, you may not be able to transfer servers.
• The name of the character you're changing to must follow the terms of use of ArcheAge. If the name is in violation of our policy, it may be renamed/deleted.
• Once the server transfer is complete, the character name from the previous server cannot be used for 180 days (6 months) and will become available again after that period.
• Crest Inks will not be transferred and all custom designs including sails, frames, and cloaks reflected using Crest Brainstorms will be reset. However, Crest Inks (custom designs) crafted using Crest Brainstorms will be changed to Bound Crest Brainstorms upon server transfer.
• Offline Labor will not be transferred and the Offline Labor from the transferred server will be shared.
• All timed buff effects applied to the character will be removed upon server transfer (excludes Costume Buff Effects).
• Auction House items, and items and Gold attached in automatic mails will be transferred upon server transfer.
• Teleport Scrolls' manual save location details will be reset.
• All Social Info including your Friend List will be reset.
• Once server transfer is complete, the login point will change to each race's starting point.
• The relevant character's Dominion Points will not be transferred.
• All Leadership Points, excluding Cumulative Leadership, will be reset.
• Trial status info will not be transferred.
• Server transfer is restricted if there is any mail with attachments you have sent.

• Any mail sent to yourself (e.g same sending/receiving character name) will not be transferred and will be lost.


Refund Policy and Right to Withdraw

You have the right to withdraw from a subscription agreement for fourteen (14) days after entering it. You explicitly acknowledge and agree that you waive this right if you start using the game before the 14-day withdrawal period ends (e.g., by logging in to the game and/or playing the game). Refund Policy

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