A service that allows you to change your character's name.

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Character Name Change Service



- You cannot change the name of characters that are awaiting deletion.

- You cannot change the name of characters that have had a name change in the past 15 days.

Purchase Disclaimer

- Completing the purchase of this product will immediately change your character's name, achieving the purchase intention. Therefore, once the character's name has been changed, the refund of the product (purchase cancellation) will be restricted.
- You may check your character's name change history from [MY ACCOUNT > ORDERS] after 5 minutes or less.
- Your payment will be automatically cancelled if your purchase was unsuccessful.
- If another player takes your character's name while you were searching for that name and completing purchase, you can no longer change to that name.
- The name of the character you're changing to must follow the terms of use of ArcheAge. If the name is in violation of our policy, it may be renamed/deleted.
- Once the character name change is complete, the previous character name cannot be used for 180 days (6 months) and will become available again after that period.

- Server transfer is restricted if there is any mail with attachments you have sent.




Supported Languages




Territory of Service


North America

Age Rating


Refund Policy and Right to Withdraw

You have the right to withdraw from a subscription agreement for fourteen (14) days after entering it. You explicitly acknowledge and agree that you waive this right if you start using the game before the 14-day withdrawal period ends (e.g., by logging in to the game and/or playing the game). Refund Policy

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